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Savour the City

Explore the world's greatest cites with luxury gastronomic itineraries curated by Hilton Honors. From five-star hotels in Budapest to three-Michelin-star dining in Rome, Savour the City rewards AMEX cardmembers with memorable culinary experiences.

Project overview

A website that feels as luxurious as the experiences it sells

Hilton Honor members receive exclusive perks for travelling the world. We were tasked with designing a website which gave members an exclusive preview of the available locations, membership information and took bookings for each experience.

The process involved:

  • Balancing two global brand guidelines
  • Prototyping and developing a no-code website
  • Creating a booking platform
  • Working alongside AMEX & Hilton brand stakeholders
  • Showcasing digital guides
The challenge

Creating a bespoke experience for each level of membership

Not only did we need to balance two global brand guidelines, we also needed to create several subdomains and give each membership level its own experience. Quite the technical challenge, but nothing the Overpass devs couldn’t handle.

We needed to:

  • Consider both brand guidelines and audiences
  • Managing varying functionality across membership tiers
  • Leverage stock photography whilst maintaining brand consistency
Overpass solution

A dark, seductive, and minimal design aesthetic eluding exclusivity, but catering to all memberships

Based on several core insights from our discovery workshop, we opted for a monochromatic dark user interface and placed focus on enriching customer web-journeys. This allowed us to highlight photography, utilise different brand assets and entice the customer base with beautiful experiences.

Our process:

  • Discovery workshop
  • UX wireframes and prototypes
  • Visual design
  • Stock photography curation
  • Webflow development
  • Booking integrations
Word on the street

Having worked with Overpass for a number of years, and other design agencies before this, the introduction of AirTable has been a game changer. Before, design briefs consisted on lengthy excel documents, or lengthy emails with attachments. All of this led to confusion, especially once feedback or changes needed to be implemented. A version 8 of a document would be the norm, when someone else was still using V5. It was also always so tricky so find a previous design, from an old project, to base a new design upon. Without pestering the design agency and lots of back and forth. Have a record of all chefs with copy and associated images in one place. Saves heaps of time when briefing a new design not having to dig out info and re-add to brief. In summary it has saved a lot of time, frustration and stress, making our design process infinitely more efficient.

Maddy Muirhead