ImpactEd provides schools and educational organisations with the data needed to evaluate their impact before consulting with those who need further guidance. We built them a no-code website, bringing their brand in line with its guidelines and placing them uniquely within the sector.

Project overview

Designing a visual identity which feels at home in the education sector, then building a no-fuss no-code website to match it.

ImpactEd had a brand that felt disjointed and a website causing many issues. We were to create a new visual identity and website, ultimately bringing the brand back in line with its guidelines and pitching it as the market leader.

The challenge

To create a new look which was progressive but didn’t alienate a growing backlog of educational resources.

ImpactEd has a broad range of materials based on their old design language. We needed to create a look that housed an exciting new identity whilst not rendering their previous work irrelevant.

Overpass solution

Hand-drawn animations, an updated colour palette and a no-code website to bring everything together under one roof.

Each aspect of the new ImpactEd identity was designed to feel like a classroom. Hand-drawn visuals provide a “notebook” feel, whilst imagery transforms into the shape of graphs. The experience is clear and simple, whilst the language is straight to the point—just how a lesson should be!

Word on the street

Really fantastic team to work with. Thorough set up and expectation setting which made the project run smoothly. Feedback was received really well and it was always clear to me what we could be flexible on and they were able to come up with creative solutions to some of the trickier ideas to implement. Would work with them again in a shot.

Steph Hamilton