Frequent questions

Ask away. From our culture to our creative process and pricing models. Nothing to hide here.

Does Overpass work with startups?

Yes, we have a range of early-stage design sprints perfect for pre-seed early-stage startups.

Our signature startup-to-scaleup program was tailored for startups who have received Series A funding and want to level up everything from branding and website to content and creative production.

Is brand strategy required for all projects?

In short yes. Brand and business strategy are fundamental to the success of any project. So even if you have done your own internal research we require time to assess and do our own to ensure the project is a winner for you and also for us. It doesn't look good to have failed companies on the roster.

All our projects include a brand strategy workshop and discovery process. Ranging from a couple of days to months of work depending on the project.

How long does it take to onboard and start working with you?

Two weeks––we have a handy new client handbook which explains step by step exactly what it is like to work with us and what you need to get up to speed to make the most of us.

What is a design sprint and how does it work?

We split our projects into two-week phases of dedicated fast-paced work, resulting in better work in less time. This means you can go to market faster and keep your costs down.

What makes a great client fit for Overpass?

  • Good people who want to do good things
  • Using technology to solve real world problems
  • Operate with a sense of purpose
  • Value design and brand
  • Value diversity and inclusion
  • Experimental and happy to try new things
  • Open minded and friendly
  • Allow us to lead as experts and make the right decisions for you
  • Accept and understand our fees

Tupac or biggie ?

East coast babaaaay.

Who are some of your clients?

We were not always focused on helping transform and scale SaaS brands, when we started Overpass we worked across packaging, graphics and many sectors. Exploring the world of design before hitting our sweet spot.

  • British Airways
  • AMEX
  • Unilever
  • Hyundai
  • Dermalogica
  • Pepper
  • Unfabled
  • Reax
  • Telmi
  • Kasha
  • C-Group
  • Soller
  • Volla Travel

How many people will be working on my account?

Typically 3-4 creatives will be working on your account. You will work with either Matt or Max as creative directors, a strategist and copywriter, and a couple of designers and developers.  We try to give all clients a dedicated designer so you can form a relationship and get to know your brand inside out. Occasionally we need to swap people about for holidays and training purposes but you will be on first-name terms!

Do I need brand strategy for a logo?

Yes, design is simply a strategy made visible. Without a brand strategy, you risk creating an identity for your company that repels potential customers and communicates the opposite values you hold dear as a leader. Not to mention it might look crap.

Is pineapple a legitimate topping?

The verdict is out. Max thinks so while half the team strongly and vocally disagrees every time we get pizza.

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes, we have a program called Overpass Flex. We understand the work we do takes months to deliver but creates value for years so we allow you to pay for it over a longer period with 0% interest.

Depending on the size of the project we offer 6, 12 and 24-month payment plans, allowing you to spend the equivalent of a single hire a month on high-value work. This results in a longer runway and a true partnership.

Does Overpass offer strategy only services?

Yes. Whether you’re going to build your own web experience or use another studio, we can still be on hand to guide your brand to its next stage.

Does Overpass offer design only services?

For sure. Our team have broad experience in both building brands from the ground up and breathing new life into existing brands.

Do you use AI in your creative and strategic process?

Artificial intelligence can be an incredibly useful tool—as long as you know how to put it into use. We’re continually expanding our use of AI as the tools develop, from image generation and blog outlining to creative brainstorming and organisation.

How do I know you understand my category and sector?

A significant part of our process involves developing a critical and wide-reaching knowledge of your business and sector. It’s one of the first things we do and a process that informs every aspect of your designs.

Why should we hire Overpass instead of hiring an internal designer?

Because you’re not just getting a designer, but a full creative studio team with a broad range of skillsets and interests.

How are you different to the other three agencies I spoke to this month?

  1. We’re more focused: We’re not trying to do it all, but to serve a very specific type of company at a very specific stage of growth. We’d rather be best-in-class at two things, than pretty good at most.
  2. We’re more personable: Clients often remark that we feel like an internal design team. Not only are we quick to respond, but you’ll have designated designers and strategists who will know your project intimately.
  3. You’ll leave understanding your designs: Throughout your journey with us, we’ll continually talk you through the decisions we’re making, giving you the fundamental design knowledge to help inform a successful strategy.

What guarantees do you offer?

Excellent coffee, entertaining conversation and unparalleled honesty.

Do you sign NDAs?

Of course—we’re brilliant secret keepers. For example, PepperHQ once told us tha… Goodness, you almost had us.

What do you require before starting a project?

A big fat cheque. Just kidding, who uses cheques anymore anyway? We almost always start with conversation and coffee. From there, we’ll work together on a brief for the creative team.

What if we don’t like the work?

Our tried and tested processes all but guarantee a great outcome, but if we don’t hit the nail on the head first time, we’ll keep going until you have exactly what you envisioned!

Can we request a call from some of your past clients?

Definitely, we promise we don’t pay them to say nice things.

Can we see some strategies you have created for past clients?

How nosey 👃, but of course. Drop us an email with some details about yourself and we’ll send you the goods.

Is all your work included in your portfolio?

Not all of it, we designed our portfolio to give you a great overview of our skillset and favourite projects.

What is a brand token?

Overpass currency 💰. Designed to give you the most bang-for-your-buck and make it easy to manage your budgets.

What does unlimited design mean?

It means that nothing is out of scope. It means no stress over budgets. It means the designs you need, exactly when you need them.

Can we do in person workshops and meetings?

We’d love to welcome you to the studio in Brighton. If you’re lucky, we might even take some drinks down to the beach once the creative work is done. 🌴

What tools and platforms do you use?

  • Webflow for website development
  • Airtable for content management
  • After Effects for animation
  • Photoshop for images
  • Figma for design
  • Illustrator for drawing pretty things

Can you share the design files with us to edit?

Of course—we’ll even walk you through our work and show you some best design practices.

Desert island condiment?

This is a big one. Got to be mayonnaise for versatility. Not sure how it would cope with the heat though.

Once my project has finished, how does the Overpass team support my brand?

This isn’t a one-night stand… We continue to develop lasting relationships with many of the brands we work with. We do this not only to ensure you get the most out of our designs but to ensure that they stay up-to-date, relevant and continue to speak to your audience.

How do you stay up-to-date with the latest design trends and best practices in branding and web design?

With a healthy obsession and a bucket load of curiosity. Whilst we’re pretty strict on keeping a work-life balance and closing our laptops at 5pm, you’ll often find us reading, watching or listening to the latest in design and branding.

Will I be able to review and provide feedback during the design process?

One of our core missions at Overpass is to bring clients into the design process. We want you to understand the design thinking behind your brand, feedback on our process and decisions, and create the products your customers will enjoy for years to come.

Can you create a responsive website that works seamlessly across different devices and browsers?

Laptop, desktop, iPad, iPhone, android, flip phone, Nokia 3210 or landline. You name it, we’ll make it work seamlessly.

What platforms do you use for website development, and why do you recommend them?

We see Webflow as the future of the industry—it’s no code, no hassle and no stress.

Can you integrate e-commerce features or other specific functionalities into my website?

Easy peasy. In fact, why not take a look for yourself at one of our e-commerce builds?

What is your policy on revisions, and what happens if I'm not satisfied with the final result?

Unlike other agencies, you’ll be involved in our whole process, collaborating on design decisions and understanding our rationale. That means fewer revisions and more refined outcomes—but of course, we’re here should changes be needed.

What is the typical timeline for a design project?

We’ve got a few questions before we dish out a date. Why not reach out for a free brand consultation?

Will I own the copyright to the final designs created for my project?

Of course!

Can you work within specific brand guidelines or help create them?

Either or! Our experience is far-reaching with projects from global companies that have guidelines hundreds of pages long, to startups who are just finding their feet.

How do you handle urgent or rush design projects?

We don’t like to rush creativity, if we can’t produce something great, we’ll likely encourage you to go elsewhere. But hey, no harm in asking.

Are your designers available for on-site meetings or consultations?

Of course! Whilst many of our team work remotely, we always have a team of designers working from the studio in Brighton.

Can you work with clients outside of your local area or internationally?

Yes—and we do regularly! Our web-design process and brand workshops have been built from the ground up to be highly effective in a remote environment.

How do I get started with a design project and what information do I need to provide?

No need to spend ages writing a brief or considering every detail at this stage, let’s start with a coffee and go from there.

Can your design studio create custom illustrations or artwork?

No problem! In fact, why not check out Telmi, a brand we built from scratch with a whole universe of illustrative characters...

How do you ensure design consistency across multiple platforms and mediums?

We don’t rush into development—each step of our process has been considered to create cohesive a narrative and designs that feel just right.

Are your designers experienced with accessible design practices and guidelines?

Overpass is built on a set of brand principles that target ethical and sustainable design. We hold ourselves to the highest level of social and moral accountability and won’t settle for anything less.

Can your design studio create animated or motion graphics?

Yes. We have designers specifically trained in the leading animation and motion graphic platforms who can help bring your brand to life.

Can your design studio collaborate with external agencies or freelancers?

Definitely—and it wouldn’t be the first time! We believe that great design is not a competition, but rather a shared mission to create something that puts a user's needs above everything else.