The Overpass Collective

Join an invite-only collective with a growing freelance network, working to grow and share knowledge under one roof.

The purpose

We don’t believe in secrecy, and Overpass Collective is one way we’re giving back to the design community. It’s where the brightest upcoming designers come to find work, gain insights from agency founders and peers, and support their creative development.


Live chat

Direct access to the best in the biz at any time or place.

Feedback channel

Share a finished project or a version one. Our network will give you their honest thoughts, advice or praise.

Resource bank

The best tips, tricks and tools that our network uses. A goldmine for any creative.


Be the first to see new opportunities from the studio and our clients.

Join the collective

Heard enough and want in?

Current opportunities

“What a lovely bunch, wish I could join them!” If you’re interested in working with us in Hove, or anywhere around the world, check out our open roles to see if we have something which suits.

Portfolio submissions

If you’re interested in joining us in Hove, or anywhere around the world, get in touch and send us your CV/portfolio to see if we have something that suits you!