About Overpass

We work with SaaS startups without an internal creative department to guide them on their journey to becoming high-growth venture-funded scaleups

Who are we?

We’re a collective of strategists, artists, writers, storytellers, climbers and dreamers. Based out of Brighton but working globally, we partner with the brightest startups and challenger brands. All whilst pursuing the highest level of ethical and social impact.

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Our team

Creative Co-founder
Creative Co-founder
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Studio Designer
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Current opportunities

“What a lovely bunch, I wish I could join them!” If you’re interested in working with us in Hove, or anywhere around the world, check out our open roles to see if we have something which suits.

Our culture

The word “company” literally means a group of people. So we’re not just building a business that offers the best design service but a team of creators united by shared beliefs and design principles.

Creativity with a conscience

Alongside beautiful web design, we always strive for impact and look to move the needle in the right direction for people and planet.

Dream big, fail fast

We believe knowledge is learned, not read about. Our processes are built upon the principles of iteration, feedback and ongoing support.

Experiment always

There’s no point in being the second David Bowie. We’re always testing the latest technology and looking for new ways to think about design.

People before profits

Whether it's remote working, flexible schedules, or an open approach to our business practices, we're designing a sustainable lifestyle for our team and creating better work because of it.

Work smarter, not harder

With tried and trusted frameworks, real-time collaborative tools and a proven process, we're making sure you maximise your creative investment.

No non-creatives

We don't believe in “creatives” and “non-creatives”. Our workshops provide the space for teams and individuals to think outside the box, no matter their role.

Future optimists

No doom or gloom here. We’re replacing apathy with action, working alongside the brightest startups to challenge big names in static industries.

Its not all serious

You can’t force creativity, so don’t bother trying. Our designers enjoy reasonable timelines and the necessary freedom to work their magic. After all “la Sagrada Família” isn’t being rushed is it?

Don’t be a d***

Kindness, respect and empathy are at the core of everything we do. We won’t settle for anything less.

Remote and local

Based out of our home studio in Brighton but working globally, our team and their interests cross many borders.

We’re working with

60+ projects with 20+ brands across 5 continents

Word on the street

"Overpass helped designed a Landing Page via their 'Landing Page Sprint' program. They worked quickly and efficiently to provide a great end result. They worked with us closely to understand our specific brief ideas and were able to follow these to create an on-brand end product. "

Charlie Collings


Word on the street

"Really fantastic team to work with. Thorough set up and expectation setting which made the project run smoothly. Feedback was received really well and it was always clear to me what we could be flexible on and they were able to come up with creative solutions to some of the trickier ideas to implement. Would work with them again in a shot."

Steph Hamilton


Word on the street

"Overpass quickly adapted to develop a full multipage website to bring the campaign digital during Covid. It really demonstrated how agile they are."

Maddy Muirhead


Word on the street

"Overpass have been a part of our journey since day 1, from brand ideation through to BAU graphic design work. They are friendly, flexible, and excellent creatives."

Hannah Samano


Word on the street

"Rebrand our services, with new sales materials and a new website. Working with the Overpass team - very communicative, happy to help and always prompt."

Hannah Brennan

Pepper HQ

In-frequently asked questions

How much does a project cost?

Well, coffee’s on us and we always start from there––so you’re £3.40 better off from the start. But let’s head down to our local coffee shop or jump on a video call and we’ll promise to put a fair price on creative magic.

How long does a project take?

Timeless designs can’t be rushed into existence, but after many years of doing what we do best, we’ll give you a solid timeline to work to.

Can you make it pop more?

Of course, always, 100 times yes. We’ll happily sprinkle some extra shine on your designs. All you have to do is say those magic words. 🎈

Shall we make the logo bigger?

We’ve heard that size matters, so don’t worry we’ll design you a logo that is as happy on a reusable coffee mug as it is on a billboard in Times Square. 🏙️ (P.S. We've actually had a logo on a billboard in Times Square.)

Can we have that at the end of the day?

Probably not––we won’t make false promises or set unrealistic timelines. We’re proud of our work and are upfront about the time it takes. We believe it’s best for both parties.