Telmi is the world's first kids' podcasting app, which helps youngsters find their voice through playful storytelling and creative soundscapes. It's the kind of homework they can't wait to do, and it's run by a mother and female founder who wants to elevate education.

Project overview

Create an exciting brand, then design a minimum viable product for the world’s first podcast app for children

Today’s youth spend much of their time learning from the content creators they follow online. We were tasked with developing a brand and designing a mobile application that would give kids their own voice, enabling them to learn through the act of creation, not consumption. It had to be to be expansive for developing content, enticing for parents, and engaging for children of all ages.

Our process

  • Strategy and discovery
  • Brand naming
  • Visual and verbal identity
  • Bespoke illustration
  • App UX and UI design
  • Prototyping and user-testing
App design
The challenge

Create a brand and product that was intuitive and engaging for kids of all ages

Telmi had to strike the right balance—not to young and immature, but also not too old and “trendy” for teens. Then it had to appeal to their parents, a demographic historically skeptical to app-based learning. We needed a name, a compelling brand identity and a minimum viable product to launch and prove traction in market.

Time to get to work on…

  • Appealing to a wide demographic of children & parents
  • Speaking to parents and children at the right moments in the user journey
  • An identity that communicated their brand values
  • An MVP prototype to test remotely with families
  • A UX simple enough for an 8-year-old
  • A UI engaging enough for a 15-year-old
  • Language that was engaging not alienating
Overpass solution

A Minimum Viable Branding (MVB) process which allowed Telmi to go to market in weeks, not months

We not only created the Telmi brand but also brought it to life through an illustrative universe of characters that could be adapted to any context or story. We then rapidly designed and prototyped a mobile app, which was tested and refined with input from a group of parents and children.

Telmi has been shortlisted in Startup Magazine and is fundraising as we speak.