QuickPay enables restaurant goers to split and pay their bill instantly with an intuitive and efficient web-based application. It’s part of the wider Pepper brand, who we continue to build a long-standing design relationship with.

Project overview

The fastest way to split and pay

Pepper is a rapidly growing fintech brand on a mission to enrich customer and staff experiences whilst driving revenue in over two hundred hospitality brands. QuickPay, their latest offering, provides a seamless web journey for customers to split and pay their bill. All we had to do was design, write, strategise and develop the brand in a few weeks—simple enough right?

We were busy with:

  • Brand strategy and discovery
  • Visual identity
  • Copywriting and verbal identity
  • UX and UI design
  • Landing page
  • Marketing assets
The challenge

To create an experience that felt authentically “Pepper”, whilst having its own distinct and exciting design language

QuickPay needed to have that “fizz” that comes with a new and exciting product launch whilst still feeling familiar. With time at a premium, we followed our landing page sprint process, creating an MVP in a matter of weeks, not months.

Overpass solution

A bold colour scheme with geometric design elements and a landing page that launched in just two-weeks

Our sprint process was designed specifically with projects like QuickPay in mind. Not only is it priced competitively, but it followed an intense and considered process which all but guarantees a successful launch.

For QuickPay, it looked like this:

  • Several design routes to choose from
  • Professionally crafted brand messaging
  • UX and UI design
  • Discovery workshops
  • No-code landing page

The result was an exciting sub-brand and landing page, launched on budget within just two-weeks. 🤯

Word on the street

We worked with Overpass to rebrand our product with new sales materials and a marketing website. The Overpass team is very communicative, happy to help and always prompt.

Hannah Brennan

Pepper HQ