Travel bookings

A Flavour of My City

A collaboration between British Airways and American Express, designed in lockdown to create meaningful “at home” food experiences for cardmembers. Through restaurant delivery and interactive digital content, customers experienced the story, culture and tastes behind some of the worlds greatest destinations.

Project overview

An adaptive and content rich website that balanced the needs of two global brands

BA and AMEX are two of the most well-known brands in the travel industry. We were tasked with creating a digital experience that would bring gastronomic experiences from all around the globe right into customer homes. Over 12 months, we delivered 15+ experiences, each with bespoke content and downloadable guides.

The challenge

Balancing two global brand identities, before adding a touch of Overpass flare

BA and AMEX customers have expectations of what experiences backed by those brands should look and feel like. Our job was to meet these expectations, before going above and beyond to satisfy the “travel hungry”, as they patiently waited for their next flight.

Overpass solution

An interactive globe, a luxurious colour palette and a content-rich website

With two global brand guidelines in consideration, we developed a sleek and exclusive design system which placed content and experience above all else, whilst still honouring the core brand elements of each. Our process went as follows:

  • Wireframes and prototyping
  • UI and UX designs
  • Full design system
  • End-to-end website build
  • Downloadable guides
  • Content population

The resulting website enabled two global travel brands to retain a consistent membership base during a worldwide pandemic.

Word on the street

Overpass quickly adapted to develop a full multipage website to bring the campaign digital during Covid. It really demonstrated how agile they are.

Maddy Muirhead